The Chairman's Network is the only International, Collaborative Business Networking group. We have created an exclusive and authentic private Membership of both Executive and Non-Executive Board Directors - Chair, Non-Executive, Advisory Board Members as well as CEO, C-Level Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Partners and Sponsors, across all industry sectors, that connect online and offline at regular events.

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If you are a Board Director, Chair, CEO, NXD, Entrepreneur or on an Advisory Board in the UK or Internationally, we can support you and enhance the Boards on which you sit with ongoing meetings and networking events to keep you up-to-date and foster strong business connections that lead to opportunities. We are a Collaborative Business Network.

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  • Quality authentic business connections - online and offline
  • All Members connected 1-1 on our platform
  • Business collaboration with trusted new contacts
  • 100 Events throughout the year – Interactive Zoom Coffee Meetings, Round Table Discussions and Networking
  • Enhance your own Boards/Post Board Opportunities
  • Business Collaboration with a Non-Sales Emphasis
  • Focus on business Relationship building
  • Connected appointments and EIS Investment platform
  • Host your own meeting on a business subject of your choice
  • Mostly Zoom meetings that are interactive, safe, inclusive, time-efficient, cost effective and authentic

We help Boards and Directors connect to do more and better business

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One of the most valuable tools you bring to the table as a mentor is your network. And networks - like anything else - can get stale. If you want to be a great mentor, you need to keep networking and keep your network strong.

Vikas Shah, MBE - Website

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