Networking - Is bigger better?

For most of us it's a daunting prospect to launch into a room full of senior executives that you don’t know and start up a conversation.

You can linger on the edge of a chatting group and hope they start to include you.

You can launch into a group and potentially interrupt the flow of their conversation which is not always well- received.

You can rush round the room saying hello and collecting cards to follow up on - also not well received!

You can assume nobody is at "your level" and "will not be of interest to you" before you arrive - in which case you will be emitting an air of negativity which people will pick up on!

You can prepare. Try and research the delegates and target specific individuals. It's often difficult to find them either online or at the event and you will still have to potentially interrupt others to make that connection.

You can also simply “go with the flow” and leave without new, relevant contacts or very few.

There must be a better and more productive way of connecting and building rapport with potentially interesting executives!

If you're anything like me, most of your business emanates from your network and their recommendations, based on you being a trusted connection.

Your trusted network knows enough about you to be comfortable referring you.

This is the power of being a Member/Fellow of the Chairman’s Network. We facilitate the creation of more, better and trusted connections to underpin both your success and the Companies/Boards that you influence.

At the Chairman’s Network, we have 4 ways of making great connections and building rapport, which will potentially lead to business or fee earning opportunities of some kind. As a Member or Fellow of the Chairman’s Network you can;

Join regular Coffee Meetings and meet up to 9 others for 1.5 hours. Chairmen, CEO's, NXD and Board Directors introduce themselves and get to know each other, find out about new or current thinking and decide who or what to follow up. These Coffee Meetings are fun, interesting and stimulating! Non-Members can join just once!

You can join a Round Table Event. These are for up to 20 executives and are subject specific. We introduce ourselves and then learn from our host. So far, we have covered G.D.P.R., Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

We do have bigger networking events for around 50 executives- but by now you know quite a few of them and will be able to meet more. We'll have a short speaking slot but this one is all about networking. We'll also have an annual social event Xmas or Summer which is all about fun (and, of course, networking!)

Finally, you also have the online platform where you can connect 1-1 and search under various parameters and create your own list. You can also become a local Host of Coffee Meetings around any new subjects or regions. We are gradually building in new regions, with local hosts. Going to Hong Kong? Why not meet a few members while you are there? You are, after all, already trusted by being in The Chairman’s Network.

The Chairman’s Network is the International, Collaborative Business Members Network and platform for Chairmen, CEO’s, Non-Executive and Board Directors, UK/Internationally.

You can join (or join a free Coffee Meeting) today for only £399 + vat, which includes all the events, platform and coffees!

Connect. Engage. Collaborate!

Caroline Hayward
Caroline Hayward
Founder / CEO
+44 (0)7798 870581